Grand Rapids, MN
Class of 1966

45th Reunion
July 16th 2011
Pictures Complements of
Rick Blake

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Grand Rapids MN Class of 66-45th Reunion

GRHS Class of 1966 45th Reunion Photo Index

Front Row (Seated Left to Right)
Ramona Fink Elling, Pearl Crandall Tinquist, Susan Aakre, Gary Baker, Gladys Gordon Salthe, Donna Neils Anderson, Tom Saxhaug, Charlene Racine Hamling, Sue Stejskal Snetzinger, Mary Curtiss Swanson, Jan Olson Maurer, Margie Wydra Kelley.

Second Row (Standing Left to Right)
Rick Blake, Terri Hill Saleture, Joy Broking Paul, Karen Carpenter Pederson, Devin Dahline, Judy Fowler Pruner, Lynda Fraser Jacobson, Peggy Rasmussen Alto, Sharon Bymark Bellefy, Nancy Roy Arnhold, Jean Bengston Winter, Lorraine Maki Smith, Anne Keisler Johnson (perhaps in the third row but definitely between Lorraine Maki Smith and Kathy Sparen Vasil), Kathy Sparen Vasil, Wesley Skyles, Rick Motter, Jim Ylitalo.

Third and Fourth Rows (Standing Left to Right)
Bob Willey, Larry Alto, Tim Newman, Doug Kekkonen, Bob Appleholm, Dave Johnson, Craig Swarthout, Bill Lindberg, Art Elling, Gary Holm, Roger Lien, Sandy Kortz Axford, Ted Johnson (in rear a tad left of and behind Sandy Swelland Black), Sandy Swelland Black, Carol Mikkola Reinhardt, Gary Gannon (directly behind Sharon Bymark Bellefy), Dan Erickson, Diane Kent Venema (just right of Nancy Roy), Tim Broberg (behind Diane Kent Venema), John Parmeter, Rick Johnson, Brian Smith, Andrea Casper Schultz, Steve Newton, Cathie Waleski Jones, John Dibble, Judy Conat Schroeder, Dave Schroeder (just behind Judy), Shirley Ruff Johnson (behind and between Wesley Skyles and Rick Motter), John Tobie (rear) , Linda Russell Paduk (just behind and between Rick Motter and Jim Ylitalo), John Hawkinson, Dale Schmidt.

Jim Danielson is in the picture but he fits so precisely behind Jim Ylitalo that all you can see is a sliver of his shirt over Jim Ylitalo’s right shoulder.

Thanks to Kathleen (Rick) Blake and Bev (Rick) Johnson for scrambling to get the names down and Judy Conat Schroeder for some fine tuning.

Past Reunion Pictures Complements Margie Wydra Kelley
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